5 thoughts on “Brief 4- Nick’s Response to Mya’s Poetry

  1. Nick’s Response to Mya’s Poem

    The rotating text at the start is great. It adds another dimension to what you’re working with. It brings to mind the manmade invention of the wheel, juxtaposed with the “wheeling” of the camera. Very nice visual match up between the two!

    There is no link to Mya’s poem here (is it the wheel of text? Not clear) , which makes it difficult to put the pieces together for your inspiration. I found the constant spinning a bit disorientating, though this is probably your intent? I like the constant motion, but maybe spinning on a tripod or rig could make it smoother? I think the transitions didn’t land that well (is it your clothes? Black card could work instead?) and perhaps you could have taken a step back from your subject to make sure that the camera doesn’t lose focus so much?

    That being said, your video quality is always superb. You get a crisp shot no matter what you’re working with, and the natural sounds of the wind and birds brought the piece to a whole new level. Great work!

  2. This piece made me sit up, and lean in and ask: what is going on? And this is an experience I really like! I’m wondering whether there is room to come back to the text? Or have more of it at the start? What were you considering in terms of the overall shape? I wonder whether there is another dimension to access in the use of sound? Interesting work.

  3. This wasn’t what I was expecting but I enjoyed it, even if it did make me a little dizzy. I think that was the point though. Your shots were clear and crisp and I enjoyed the audio that went along with it. Great work.

  4. That concept of the poem spinning at the start was very fun. It gave me a sense of the poem but I wasn’t really sure how the rest of the video would turn out. To my surprise the shots started following this theme and I loved it. This was a very creative idea. I would loved to have seen a few more seamless transitions (simulated wipes to black) and some accompanying music.

  5. This was really unique. I like the different perspective that came from the spinning. The spiderwebs on the tree were super creepy and the fungus type of thing was super weird. Makes you notice loads of things you would normally walk straight by. I liked the text as well. It was the right amount of time to sit with it too, often text is too fast or too slow.

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