Lights Camera (Inter)Action Studio 2019

interacting to the Max

Samantha Chin

For both group and solo work, the end product was not what we initially had planned however worked out for the better.  Our group work started of as a simple concept of a pacman inspired maze however after further discussing the capabilities of it sustaining the users interaction, we decided to retain the original concept but give it a more aesthetic/exciting look by replacing all 2D elements to 3D, from a simple ball object to a model of a shark. The motive was for the shark to successfully reach the position of a ‘diver’ but in order to achieve that the user has to dodge underwater mines. Deciding to change these elements of the work brought a different meaning and look to it. In terms of technicality, there were a lot of tedious work from figuring out the position coordinates. The output data for the positions were made for each underwater mine using “pak”, “increment” and “line”. We made the background as a texture on a cuboid shape to ensure its size remained the same when making adjustments to

As for my solo work I intended to create a 3D maze that had mini obstacle courses throughout the journey to challenge the users. Initially I had a visualization for my final project however I feel like it did exceed my technical abilities, not to say I was not willing to learn however due to time constrained and a few minor errors in the work in progress, I decided to greatly simplify my work. I am not particularly happy with it but my biggest reflection for this assignment was the ability to understand fully the skills and features that I ended up using which my personal values correlate with. I personally believe in understanding what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and what it is for rather than creating something just because. As mentioned above, through this work I was able to further gain my knowledge to the skills that were taught throughout the semester, as much as I am disappointed that I was not able to create as technically advanced work as compared to the rest of the class, I am happy with the progress I have made throughout the semester from gaining knowledge to finding meaning of interactive art.

sammmyyyjane • June 8, 2019

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