Lights Camera (Inter)Action Studio 2019

interacting to the Max

s3697093 – MARCELINE

Firstly, I want to talk about my experience of the trip to the Melbourne Museum, everything I have seen was quite an inspiration, all of them were interactive and gave me many ideas for both of my solo and group works. The final assignment was tricky, I am not going to lie. The hardest part…

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Sustained Interaction_Reflection_Xin Su

Reflection The creative process There’s something about the sound that has captured humanity’s attention for thousands of years since it is one of the five kinds of input we receive to be able to interact with one another and the world around us. It is definitely our central mode of communication. Thus, it is no…

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Samantha Chin

For both group and solo work, the end product was not what we initially had planned however worked out for the better.  Our group work started of as a simple concept of a pacman inspired maze however after further discussing the capabilities of it sustaining the users interaction, we decided to retain the original concept…

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Media 5 Lights, Camera (Inter)Action– Final Project

Solo Statement: My solo project is to create a mobile interface. The viewer clicks on the app on the phone interface with the mouse, and the screen plays a video that I recorded with my own phone in advance. I have set up 8 different apps, and I have encountered some problems during the app…

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Qiang Zhao (Joey) Assignment 3

Click for the video Time is always going fast, and a semester of Max learning has already passed. I don’t understand anything from the beginning, and now I can use this software to express some of my own ideas which are a big improvement. Throughout the semester, I am very grateful to the teacher and…

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final project

Solo final work In my solo work, I made a game. In this game, audiences will see a lot of monsters in a window, and audiences should use the key boar to control the tank. “a” left, “d” right, “q” up “z” down, and audiences need click the mouse to fire bullet to kill monsters….

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Reflection for Final Interactive Media Work

  In the group work, we made a lot of improvements on the human keyboard based on the second group work and succeeded in replacing the grainy, highly segmented piano sound with a smoother harp sound that was not realized a few weeks ago. During the research phase, we tried to find the material that…

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Chi Kay Wong – Card Matching Game

I decided to create a card matching game for my final solo assignment. I got this idea from visiting the Melbourne Museum in one of our class trip and I think that it would be possible to recreate a similar concept. I connected each card to a key on the keyboard. However, I have made…

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Light camera final work

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