Haven (2019)


As one of the fastest growing vegan cities in the world, Melbourne is home to some unlikely activists. Former Victoria Police Officer, Jan Saunders, was once in conflict with her career. Today, we meet her at her vegan B&B, where she encourages us to embrace a mindset of compassion.

By Zhen Wang, Haiyin Li, & Kelly Morales

Link: https://youtu.be/m-FbGX4YaZs

Sunda (2019)

Sunda Dining blends south-east Asian flavours, within my documentary, I wanted to express the use of Sunda’s Australian flavours and how they exhibit it in their cuisine – particularly in their Vegemite curry with roti. Through interviewing Khahn and seeing the process of creating the curry, I am hoping to show the blend between Australian and south-east asian flavours.

By Elizabeth Maidment

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49JX5UBP5LQ

Tah’s Shinmai Tasty (2019)

Melbourne, a dynamic city with its multicultural background. This is a story about one of its greatest ethnic restaurants ‘Shinmai Tasty’, which is also the first Japanese restaurant in the Maribyrnong area. By telling the journey of its Thai manager – Tah, her experiences and struggles as a Gaijin of understanding authentic Japanese food.

By Tong Peng & Yu Zhen

Link: https://vimeo.com/337921731

Food on Film: Exhibition

Food on Film explores documentary filmmaking through the lens of cooking, restaurants and the ideologies of food culture. The concept of ‘Food brings everyone together’ has been something that we have been exploring through our varied documentaries – everything from community gardens, restaurant culture and dieting – to create a well-rounded representation of how food influences culture, gender, community, climate and individuals through sharing, creating and eating food. Over the course of the semester, we have worked on reflective and informative documentary making, resulting in short films on a topic of our choice, representing a variety of ideas which we explored within the food community.