Assignment 3.1: One scene, Three ways

The aim for this assignment was to shoot and edit a scene and lock this edit in place. Then, write and record three different voice-overs for the scene, without altering the images at all. The key element to keep in mind is that each of the three versions of our film needs to be massively different in terms of style, politics, viewpoint, tone, formal qualities, and so forth.


Tully, Liam, Jeremy, Travis

A commercial for Adidas that shows that we should not only appreciate the hard effort that the athlete puts into their passion, but, the people that directly support them. A clip from a documentary that follows homeless youth. The voice-over is a letter that a homeless youth wrote to his Mum when he decided to runaway from home indefinitely – this is their reunion. The death of a tyrant. This is a journalist’s retrospective interpretation of the fictional death of a tyrant in the Czech Republic.

A3-a from Media Factory on Vimeo.


Jen, Willa, Niamh, Krista

Whether you’re a medium, a pompous interior design show host or a heartbroken Frenchwoman, The Somerset residence is the place for you! See the house through the eyes of these colourful characters and hear their stories about this quaint little south Melbourne abode.

The Somerset Residence from Media Factory on Vimeo.


Bella, Christine, Kevin, Morris

We follow three stories, one of a supernatural nature, where the woman randomly sees visions of the fate of other people and oftentimes is placed in their body to experience it. One of a mother losing her daughter and the final of a woman who has killed her sister and taken on her identity, whether she is guilty for her crimes or not we are unsure of. What we are sure of is that there is no evidence held against her that can prove that she killed her.

Foresee, To my daughter, Hi sister from Media Factory on Vimeo.


Ally, San, Campbell, Nolan

The one theme these three edits have together is exploration. Initially we look at Kathmandu newest advert selling their fashionable travel bag and then cross over to two adventitious lovers trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. We then take a darker turn and take a look at the mysterious disappearance of Mrs Jensen and notorious suspect Gregor Michael’s involvement.

Exploration – Assignment4 from Media Factory on Vimeo.


Dale, Jordan, William

Three compelling stories of lives that have been dramatically impacted in very different ways. A dark and mysterious crime investigation where a detective visits the last known location of a missing woman that he had sworn to protect. An uplifting story of an immigrant who reflects on his horrible time in South Africa, his time in Australia and the journey that lies ahead. A heartbreaking story of a sibling who was abandoned by his brother, told through the letter that was left behind.

The Road is Long from Media Factory on Vimeo.

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