Assignment 2: Humpty Dumpty

The task was to take a 1-2 minute section from any film that one of you analysed in Assignment 1. It must be a section that includes significant amounts of voice-over. Remove the images, but keep the soundtrack. We were asked to storyboard and shoot a new sequence of images for the pre-existing soundtrack/voice-over.


Capture your dream

Sometimes our dreams aren’t as unattainable as we think. In this scene we follow a construction worker who loathes his job. He dreams to pursue his passion of photography and eventually musters up the courage to leave his job and do so. The narration excerpt is from a documentary “How to prepare for prison” and is an interview with a former prisoner who survived prison.

HumptyDumpty-d from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Coburg Lions

Everyone loves an underdog story. Everyone loves footie. Follow the Coburg Lions as they prepare for their next fixture after an almost year long mean streak of loses. Will they end up victorious?

HumptyDumpty-c from Media Factory on Vimeo.


Around the the world we have many examples of predators and prey. Within this segment by Sir David Attenborough, we take a covert look at the world apex predator and their eating habits.

HumptyDumpty- a from Media Factory on Vimeo.


This assignment takes a powerful excerpt from the 2017 documentary, I Am Heath Ledger, and replaces the emotions of losing a loved one with the comparably despairing matter of losing a pet. The narrator reflects on time spent with his childhood dog, speaking of him as if he were more than just a pet, but a best friend.

HumptyDumpty-b from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Online Dating

Sometimes no matter the amount of Fishing, Hunting, Digging and Fetching you do on your dating apps, it will not guarantee you a catch. We follow Chief on his journey in finding the love of his life.

HumptyDumpty-e from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Mans Best Friend

Featuring audio taken from the documentary How to Prepare for Prison (2016) which looks at people caught in the legal system facing prison for the first time, we create a heartbreaking tale about a man who knows his best friends time in this world is almost up, and a dying dog accepting his fate.

HumptyDumpty-f from Media Factory on Vimeo.






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