projects.hannahbrasier.com/student-work/untangling Untangling, 2019  Ailie, Neve and Catherine Korsakow project Our project encourages you to immerse yourself within three diverse environments; the creek, the beach and the waterfall. We present an exploration of the unknowable, in hopes of capturing the limitlessness of our entangled world.   

Unacknowledged Rhythms

UNACKNOWLEDGED RHYTHMS, 2019  Interactive Website by Corey Self, Jonah Elias and Kelvin Xian Unacknowledged Rhythm’s aims to depict and explore rhythms within the environment that are traditionally ignored by the masses. The shorts intend to provoke curiosity within the audience to re-visit places they’re familiar with, while utilizing a new perspective to see what has until that point, […]

How does how we capture something change what we capture?

How does how we capture something change what we capture? Created by Lachy, Max and Mia (Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SavcaxArd0&feature=youtu.be) Short film (Duration: 12 minutes) Our piece responds to the endless different options and technologies that allow us to produce film. Our video attempts to display the different features and aspects caught by 6 different cameras (iPhone […]

Musing of Memory

https://www.instagram.com/musingofmemory/ Tessa and Andrew  Musing of Memory, 2019  [Instagram Account]  Through the recreation of our own intimate memories, we highlight the sentimental value our environments hold to us, our memories and our connections – evoking a sense of nostalgia and reminiscent memory. 


Evelyn & Planck Unnoticed, 2019 Short film (Duration: 7min56 sec)  Everyday life is boring? Feeling no surprise on campus? Sensing the unnoticed nuances and qualities in the daily life, and engaging the audience with capturing the rhythms of entanglement and dynamic of the environment. Immerse yourself into two environments. 

Two sides

“Two Sides” A Short Film by Milla and Xena 2019   How can technology manipulate audio and video to enhance viewers perceptions of an environment? Is the city really just busy? Is the suburb really just quiet? In what ways can our interaction with an environment make us realise something more?


  Chiyo and Embie  Interconnection, 2019  [Instagram account & short film]  Duration 5 min   Engaging the audience with the experience of changing notice of the two different environments, as well as sensing the rhythms of entanglement and the vibrancy of the environment.