Online Video Through the Looking-Screen of VidCon Australia 2019

RMIT BComm Media Studio

Young YouTube

CREATED BY CHARLIE RYAN, KELLY MORALES & ZAHRAA ASLAN Parents hold valid fears about their kids’ participation on YouTube. But the excitement at VidCon is infectious, and we’re left wondering what turned this online platform into ‘Young YouTube’. Exploring the concept of kids online, ‘Young YouTube’ sheds a different light on a topic usually highlighted…

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Creator

CREATED BY TRISTAN SANTORO. Vlogging is arguably the strongest genre of online media. We watch it, we study it and some of us even do it. This short film dives into some of the reasons as to why young creators are so indulged in online media in comparison to traditional media, whilst using a vlog…

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VidCon: An Observation of Fan Culture

CREATED BY EMILY CONLIN, TIERRA BOUDSINGKHONE D’SOUSA, MADELINE KOSASIH. Since the creation of YouTube and online video, the definition of fan-culture has changed. Fans now idolise ‘YouTuber’s more than traditional celebrities. Thanks to VidCon Australia, this video essay was able to explore how YouTube fans truely feel being part of a community and if being…

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Where Is The Authentic You?

CREATED BY ISABELLA SUSNICA. In many ways our lives have become dependant on the internet. But are we really ourselves on the internet? Does disconnect occur in the place centred around creating connections? Where is the authentic you? is a three and a half minute short film aimed at asking you to reflect upon your…

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Understanding TikTok

CREATED BY MEGAN BETTIOL. TikTok is an app that is quickly becoming the future of online video creation but, for those on the outside it may be hard to understand why. In this creative writing piece I take a dive into the world of TikTok to better understand why people love it so much and…

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The Creator Track: Is It Worth It?

CREATED BY LAUREN BISIGNANO, ELIZABETH BUSCH, DARCY FOSTER, RYAN HALL, EMILIENNE PAUL. A visual-podcast exploring VidCon Australia 2019, in particular the Creator Track pass. Using our own personal experience at the event, we discuss not only the pros and cons of the creator track but also what it was like rubbing shoulders with Hank Green…

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A Vlog by Brandon

CREATED BY BRANDON WATSON. Traversing the bizarre and unknown over the course of a weekend at the VidCon Australia 2019, Brandon finds himself at odds with his appreciation for and enjoyment of the uniquely offline experience. Committing to the form that VidCon largely concerns itself with — personality driven online media — he reflects and…

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Tik Tok in VidCon

CREATED BY JESSICA ANQI LI & WILLIAM ZEGUO XIE Tiktok in Vidcon. from Media Factory on Vimeo.

VidCon Slideshow – Kevin Teo

CREATED BY KEVIN TEO. Some images from my visit to VidCon Australia 2019. The weekend before I attended MadFest, an animation-specific convention, in the same space. To my surprise I met YouTuber Danger Dolan who gave me an idea of what was to come the following weekend. Kevin Teo VidCon Slideshow from Media Factory on…

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