Deconstructing / Reconstructing Genre Studio

An Exercise in Filmic Implosion

Bad Faith

URL: A film by Aiden Vella, Jack Purnell, Grace Savage, Lorinda Zhao, Erin Saunders. A short film with a Genre Hybrid, of the noir and western genres. It includes the utilize of several genre conventions from both throughout the film. And shows a story between the bounty hunter, femme fatale and anti-hero protagonist.

Bloodiest Mary

BLOODIEST MARY from Media Factory on Vimeo. A film by Kaushal Prasad, Marie Quek, Mia Troy, Gabriele Lauryn Jahja and Caroline Jin. Five friends encounter a terrifying entity after playing an innocent sleepover game.


URL: A film by Louis Boffa, Gabriella Hills, Olivia Holloway and Ruby Keady. Set in the dark streets and alleys of Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a young woman encounters a problem that many before her have faced: walking home alone, at night. With the threat of the unknown lurking at every corner, will she make…

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A Documentary Film: Bernard

URL: A group of students decide to film a documentary based on one of Australia’s brightest minds; Bernard. Throughout the documentary, they are amazed by the intellect and greatness that is on display; underlining the beauty of mankind and its future. It’s glorious. By: Brendan Nguyen, Andy Nguyen, James Paul, Sky Fung

I Didn’t Do It

URL: A film by Thomas Kempter, Victoria Kim, Jeremy Kostidis, and Ellie McFarlane. A dinner party at the Adams household goes horribly wrong when an unexpected power-cut results in the death of an unsuspecting delivery boy. Diane, Bobby, Greg, and Martin all had the opportunity, but only one is the murderer. A straight-talking detective…

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