The People’s Map is an interactive website that showcases the character of each of the suburbs that make up the West, and the people and their contributions that define the Western suburbs as a community. We want to give people interested in volunteer work the opportunity to join an organisation that contributes to the identity of the West, both in it’s past, present and future self.

In this piece, the viewer will be immersed in the history and presence of West Melbourne. The viewer will experience different mediums of media to learn about our four chosen suburbs of The West; Newport, Footscray and Williamstown.

This will be a non-linear piece which explores different beliefs and ideas surrounding the suburbs to showcase the quirks of each of these communities. We hope to discover the history, multiculturalism, arts, businesses, culture and people that make up these places and what these suburbs are “known” for.

Our website will be an interactive map of The West where the viewer can click on a pinpoint of a location, and then shown one of our pieces. We want to show a variety of different pieces including, but not limited to, documentary, interviews, photo journals and soundscapes.

Our main focus is on organisations in the West that represents the hearts of each suburb, and how their work contributes to making the suburb what it is. We want to offer these opportunities for people wanting to seek work in the West and contribute to continuing to make the west the multicultural, creative and historic place it is. We think that by highlighting the people that do this work in these areas, we can allow viewers to have a better understanding of the West.

Brooke Evernden, Darcie Hucks, Georgia Downey, Saskia Kostic, Zoe Zhao

Link to access the full project: