A cinema screen requires us to order footage one shot after another, in a linear sequence, with a beginning, middle and end. In the edit suite we snip, join and manipulate our footage, providing a single pathway for audiences to navigate our work. In November this year Soderbergh and HBO are releasing an interactive crime narrative app called Mosaics. In WIRED, Sarah Burke proposes Mosaics as an “early iteration of a form about to take off,” as audiences, studios and networks have a “newfound interest in different, and especially interactive, forms of storytelling.” The online space opens opportunities for interactive, immersive, evolving, participatory and interactive projects to be made. How can we think about and make screen media for online spaces?

In this studio we will focus on how the online space offers new ways of thinking about screen media. Through the making of several projects, you will work individually and collaboratively to create and recreate a fiction or nonfiction idea in a variety of online forms. These forms will span from linear works seen on YouTube and Vimeo to more interactive and participatory forms using social media and Korsakow. By researching, designing and making online screen media, you will ask what are the production skills needed to make work for this space? And what does making screen media in this way offer you as a media practitioner? In this studio you will develop unfamiliar ways of making media beyond the linear approaches you are used to.

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