Studio Leader Robbie Rowlands

Buskers of Bourke

Buskers of Bourke is an exploration into the buskers who perform on Bourke Street, specifically in the mall, and how they came to perform there. We wanted to explore the different performers, as well as their place in the wider busking community, and discover how they thought of music . We worked in collaboration with two performers who frequent Bourke Street Mall as performers, and asked them about their performances and work within that space. We went into the interviews with the same ideas and questions, but interviewed and edited our respective subjects separately, so as to highlight the vastly different experiences of those who inhabit Bourke Street Mall. We wanted to make showcase how two independent people can inhabit the same space, and use it in a similar way, but still think of  it in completely different ways. We aimed to explore their relationship with the music, the space, and the other people who inhabited the space alongside them.

Site: Bourke Street Mall.

by Alyssa Yeo & Brooke McKay.


tessmacallan • May 28, 2018

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