Studio Leader Robbie Rowlands

Never Say Die

Never Say Die is an exploration of The Tote and the community to whom it is sacred. The Tote is arguably Melbourne’s most iconic music venue. It is place people have fought to save. For many people, The Tote is closely connected to their ideas of community and identity: it is a home. And like any physical structure, it is not immune to instability.

This work explores ideas of vulnerability, tension, temporality, performance and ritual, and considers their relationship to sacredness. Through projections of manipulated footage of live shows onto the empty space, Never Say Die draws on ideas of ritual and worship to represent The Tote as a sacred space. This work captures the emptiness and fullness of the space at once, reveals the relationship between the space and imagery and how the two rely on one another to tell a whole story.

Site: The Tote.

by Georgia Imfeld


tessmacallan • May 26, 2018

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