The first assignment, we looked at emerging forms of live broadcast and were sent out to create a livestream using one of the social media platforms suggested (twitch, periscope, or Facebook). We were in search of capturing a live moment.


The second assignment is an introduction to the roles of the live studio. Everyone has a role out of directors, director assistants, camera operators, audio technicians, floor managers, vision mixers and GFX. You are given a script from a tv show and the clip goes for roughly one minute.


For the third assignment, you are introduced to the pre-production side of creating a live show, which requires more preparation and includes more roles, such as the props, lighting, writers and producers. With these new roles you are required to come up with a five minute show segment. This assignment allows you to be creative and further develop skills required for live productions.


The fourth assignment was to create two full episodes of a live show between twenty-five and thirty minutes long. Like in the previous assignment, you are to be creative in the pre-production stage to create an interesting show about whatever you like. More roles are introduced such as EVS, marketing/social media, and audio cue.

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