Overall, my time in the studio was wonderfully explorative. I have been challenging myself to write a screen play for quite some time,  an activity in which I have always had interest but never the courage. Consequently, over the last two years of studying film I have positioned myself in producer roles, finding comfort in administration’s linear format. However, over the last 4 months, and specifically 3 weeks, I have seen my creativity transform in imagination and confidence. Awone. is deeply auto-biographical, yet in attempt to harness the ‘audio-visual’ element of the course I’ve succeeded in its manifestation as a story not only relatable to me, but its reader. As screenplays will ‘always first and foremost exist in order to communicate the potential of a film’ (Bordwell, p43) Awone. heavily invites its reader to interpret their own visuals that are encouraged through the experience of music.

The initial aim of the piece was to attempt to defy convention through parody and satire. However, as I self-reflected on my  own experiences of the text, I decided to use the liberation of fictionalisation to provoke. Thus, Awone. illustrates through its compartmentalisation, the progression of mental health and its omens. Focusing on the investigation and portrayal of commonly felt experiences, as oppose to the deconstruction and delegitimising of them. For this reason, the screenplay is episodic as a metaphor for the temporary and temperamental ways of which emotions live. Using contemporary themes such as technology and travel, a metaphor for excess,  loneliness and suffering.

Ultimately, the formula invites for an array of directors to collaborate within the project. The benefit of this is that a multi-dimensional voice will tell a singular story that is relatable to all. Surrealism is used within the piece to demonstrate humanity’s potential to disengage whilst still seemingly ‘present’. More importantly however, is this pieces’ acceptance and encouragement of multiple voices. It’s ambition to encourage women identifying or non-binary directors and crews to construct their version and understanding of the screenplay. Touching on the fundaments of my previous assignment, that highlighted the innate construction of reality that surrounds us without any awareness of such. Thus,  Awone. attempts in every aspect of the script to be as neutral as possible in hope for everyone to feel included in its production. Setting forth a stark difference to the experience we see of GIRL.

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