Girls Shred: Riverslide Skatepark shines a light on the female presence within the skateboarding community of Melbourne. Through the exploration of three local young women, the documentary reveals what skating means to women, through a female lens. The geographical confines of our film reside in the City of Melbourne, however, a sense of community and neighbourhood is driven through our three subjects. The individual narratives about their relationship with Riverslide and the surrounding city reveal how skateboarding has shaped their identities. From Apple Valley to Laverton to South Kingsville to Riverslide: it’s the girls who are tearing it up everywhere.

Highlight of the studio: Working within a fun and fast-paced environment, making friends with the skate community and giving a voice to women while working in a team of them. The creation of this film was definitely an empowering experience, and on a practical level, a huge learning curve. There wasn’t one day where we didn’t gain something new; either knowledge or skills that will be ultimately beneficial for developing our competency as media practitioners.