Heart Beat is a documentary film that revolves around the cafe culture which is well-known and famous in Melbourne. Particularly, a cafe with rich and interesting history that are considered hidden discoveries among the tourism field. Incorporating the additional idea of traditional and digital communication that is derived from which the building was previously known as a switchboard office. Hence, the changing and developing of communication modes makes audiences convey their context differently, hence, creates and affects your mood and heartbeat.

Highlight of the studio: Making new friends and learning about the university’s cultural backgrounds and just the part adapting around the community. Moreover, I enjoyed playing around and filming ambient surroundings, backgrounds, foregrounds, audio and beautiful tracking and panning shots about the CBD using the Sony video cameras. It does look so professional and I absolutely enjoyed the process. Although I am new to such gadgets, I picked the cameras up with confidence and started feeling the vibe throughout the neighbourhood. Finally, to deliver the best effect from my conceptualized idea about a certain shot, framing or composition. All of us are required to work within a very short certain period of time, but I reflect that it was a good experience to build up my time management skills and organisation skills.