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For our Assignment 4 project we got together and started brainstorming lighting ideas by taking references from our favourite films. We decided on going with a science fiction theme, taking heavily from the films “Blade Runner” and “Blade Runner 2049”.

Part 1  “Matt Runner 2018”

For part one of our assignment we wanted to replicate a lighting effect used in “Blade Runner 2049”. This was the water refraction scene, aiming lights at a body of water and reflecting it onto a surface and subject. Matt wrote a short monologue for the scene which was related to the interrogation scene from the film. Now that we had the script and the lighting idea we were able to shape a narrative of shots.

We started by scouting out a few different locations for exterior and interior shots. We decided upon Building 100 for our exterior/interior shots leading up to the water reflection scene as it had a futuristic feeling to its architecture that fitted in with our narrative. We then decided on Building 16 basement floor as our main interior for the water reflection.

In the week leading up to the shoot we conducted a lighting test at Building 16 with a small tub of water and the effect was exactly what we wanted. We then decided that we would need a larger tub to cover a larger surface of the wall, so Lance went to purchase a small pond pool for the shoot date.

Because the location we had decided upon was used for storage of tables and chairs and a common walking area we had to wait for all classes to finish before we could fully set up.  We used three 1K Arri fresnel lights and two Dedo lights to bounce the large pool onto the background and then used one Dedo light to bounce the small tub of water into Matt’s Face. The hardest part of the shoot was getting the water reflection to cover the whole background, but with heaps of minor adjustments we were able to finally get the desired effect.

During the process of filming at Building 16 we decided to do ADR. What we were able to do in the edit was use Matt’s monologue now as a voiceover with the lead up shots of Matt walking through Building 100 and then come into the scene at Building 16 half way through. We also decided to use the close-up shots of Matt’s eye to cover some of the ADR. This wasn’t intentionally used to cover ADR miss matches, it was decided as it furthered the story and made you focus more on the water reflection effect.

Part 2   “Brews Runner 2018”

For our second idea we initially wanted to use a smoke machine/hazer and try to replicate a scene from the original “Blade Runner”. Unfortunately, we had to scrap that idea as the location we were using had smoke alarms and we couldn’t get them isolated and turned off by the time of our shoot. So, what the group decided upon was to have Brews sitting in a chair reading a monologue and make it look like he is sitting in a room with a mixture of street lights and neon lights coming through the venetian blinds of the window.

We used a black card as our venetian blinds by cutting slits out of the board. Then aiming our key light through the slits of the black board onto Brews. We also had two Dedo’s as backlights one with a red gel and the other with a green gel to replicate a neon sign. Finally we set up a white card as a fill on the opposite side of Brews to bounce back the light from the key.

We had Ben on the Dedo’s alternating each light on and off continuously, while Lance and Jacky were holding the black card and as the scene started, would move the card up having the blinds moving across Brews’ face as the back lights were hitting his shoulder and the left side of his face.

At first, we were using a 2K Arri fresnel light as our key but we found that the light was cancelling out all of the backlights desired effect. So, we changed the key light to a Dedo light and the effect we wanted worked perfectly.

We had decided upon a front on shot, changing focal lengths from a Mid Shot to a CU and then finish off with a bird’s eye view shot. Once we had got through our shot list we had enough time for another shot and what we had noticed during the course of filming was the white card we were using had a very interesting shadow cast from the venetian blinds effect and Brews’ shadow, so we decided to shoot that also and we liked it so much we put it in our final edit.

As a group we were really happy with our final filmed pieces, we nailed the effects we wanted to achieve and learnt a lot during the process and we think the work speaks for itself.


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