Adelle Lacey

Andrew Pham

Kerry Posthoorn

Ryan Rosenberg


Our group decided to each produce our own individual piece, but to have some unifying aspects be present throughout each piece. As we were all producing our own individual project, we had clear roles for each person, and switched them with every project.

The main thing that was a common thread throughout all of our pieces was using the same location, and seeing how we all saw the space differently and the various ways that we wanted to utilise it. We all tried to use different parts of the house, shooting in multiple rooms. We did this as we saw how the light in each room operated differently, and wanted to take advantage of this.

Another thing that we all tried to implement in our projects was that we all included a window in our shots. There was no significant reason we chose to do this but we thought it would be a nice constraint or guideline that would help ground all our projects and help them from becoming too detached and incohesive.

As we were shooting each of our projects one after another, our iterative process was that we would observe how one person was lighting their scene and then try to build upon or take inspiration from it for whatever the next project happened to be. If we saw that one person used a Kino in a creative way, we would take it into consideration if we wanted to use it in our own product and constantly draw upon each other person’s ideas.

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