“How do we make documentary that is both political and poetic?”

This is the collection of films Liam Ward’s undergraduates created as part of his studio, Art of Persuasion. By the School of Media and Communication at RMIT, this is a unit about political documentary. We undergraduates explored the ideas and conventions of documentary, seeking to experiment and dissect. This particular collection of films is by students in the Bachelor of Communications streams. This includes but is not limited to the Bachelor of Comms (Media), Bachelor of Comms (Professional Communication) and Bachelor of Comms (Public Relations).

On the left sidebar you can watch our video works. They’re organised by assessment number. If you want to know about the constraints of each assessment, you can click the top right buttons.

Some of the topics or footage in these films might be confronting, and you might disagree with some of the content. That’s fine – university is a place for exploring ideas. There are content warnings before the videos and on the site. If you or anyone you know are affected by the topics, content, footage or ideas expressed in these videos, you might want to consider contacting the relevant service below.







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