The Final Day of Filming


This Wednesday, we wrapped filming on our webisodes (yay!!!).  We met at 8:45 to pick up our gear and split up, half going to our outdoor location at Kings Domain and half going to pick up some supplies and costume pieces for our new character.  When we got back together, we started looking for areas to shoot and preparing the actors.  In order to keep our on set numbers as low as possible (to avoid needing a permit to film), a few of us held down the fort, so to speak, and sat out of the filming.  I, as a producer, didn’t have much of a role on set, so I sat out for our first hour of shooting, bringing them supplies at request.  We ran into an issue in this first block of shooting, as there was extremely high amounts of pollen in the air that day, and many of our cast and crew suffered from hay fever.  Luckily, our second block of shooting was in a less pollinated area.  I stepped into the role of first AD for our second block, which went quite smoothly, despite a large group of families coming to picnic nearby.  We also ran into some issues with continuity, as we wanted to have our clone character in the background of as many shots as possible, but we also had to make sure it wasn’t confusing for the audience.  Our final issue came after the day had wrapped and we uploaded the files.  Unfortunately, the pollen had caused more than one issue, and while it wasn’t obvious on the viewfinder of the camera, the pollen had dirtied the lens, distorting the image slightly.  However, I’m sure we can work around this in editing, which is currently underway.

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