Production Design and More


This week, we are still currently working on our webseries Human Resources and it is to be completed soon. So far we have filmed a few remainder scenes for the pilot episode to make it more complete and we are still working on our Episode 2. Being in Production Design may sound like an easy task initially but in fact, there is a lot to get done in terms of props, set design and wardrobe. I have to read through the script in detail and visualised each scene and the characters in my mind so that I can make sure the webseries looks realistic. Even missing out the slightest bit of detail could cause problems. For example, one scene where the character Carl is sweating due to a thermostat breakdown, I had to make sure I constantly re-applied “sweat” onto the actor playing Carl to get the right feel during the scene. Overall, I really like working in the Production Design department because I get to control how the set and characters look. I am excited to see the final product of Human Resources as Jen, our editor, will be the one editing them.

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