From the Editing Room


The Human Resources pilot episode is almost completed for the This is Serial studio. As an editor I am responsible for cutting together a coherent story from the footage that is provided. The footage that I received this week is to be edited together with some footage that we have already edited together. I was unable to be on set for this shoot, which was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to have a fresh perspective. I was able to look at the footage objectively and piece together the scene without being given any additional information. I was able to objectively view the footage and juxtapose the shots in an order that made logical sense. This is useful because the audience is completely removed from the production process and being an editor, it is important that the final product makes sense to the audience. I came across some challenges while editing, including the lack of audio on the video tracks, which meant that I was required to sync all of the audio and footage visually, without having an extra audio track to compare the recorded audio with. Overall, our production is going smoothly now, and I look forward to being on set and editing footage from future shoots.

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