The Mechanics of Immersion

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Week 7 Reading

Our Week 7 reading (post-break) is another from Darrin — this time on audition in science-fiction.

Week 6 Reading

I don’t expect anyone to have time to work through this, but on the off-chance you want to have a quick flick through, I’m including a link to Anne Rutherford’s piece on ‘Cinema and embodied affect‘, which I’ll refer to fairly often tomorrow… this will be discussed alongside the Ndalianis reading I sent through last…

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wk 2 readings

Hi Immersers (nope, not there yet; back to the drawing board) There are two short readings for Week 2, for your weekend (or Monday/Tuesday) reading pleasure… The first is the opening gambit of Ute Holl’s Cinema, Trance & Cybernetics, which takes us back to the beginning of cinema and, in particular, the weird and wonderful world…

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