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Week 7 Reading

Our Week 7 reading (post-break) is another from Darrin — this time on audition in science-fiction.

Week 6B

Here’s the MARKING SHEET for the Audit, so you know what we’re after. Today, Darrin & Dan spoke to everyone about their thoughts for Project Brief 4. Dan & Darrin are reluctant to prescribe too much, to allow ambition and ideas to flow freely. The only real prescription is that there should be six weeks’…

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Week 6 Reading

I don’t expect anyone to have time to work through this, but on the off-chance you want to have a quick flick through, I’m including a link to Anne Rutherford’s piece on ‘Cinema and embodied affect‘, which I’ll refer to fairly often tomorrow… this will be discussed alongside the Ndalianis reading I sent through last…

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Week 5B

Hi everyone – Just to recap what was covered today… We watched the final 11 videos and offered feedback. Written feedback and grades will be provided very soon. Based on the list below, the class broke up into groups of interest to discuss the third Project Brief: the audit. Lifts Train stations Parks Theme parks…

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Immersion and mood

A great article on how Philippe Le Sourd uses colour, film format, lighting, performance to create mood in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled. I particularly like this bit on finding inspiration: For the look and mood of The Beguiled, Le Sourd studied tintype collodion portraits from the 1800s, the photography of Edward Steichen (with emphasis on the use of grays, blacks, and shadows),…

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wk1 discussion summary

get your summary HERE

wk 2 readings

Hi Immersers (nope, not there yet; back to the drawing board) There are two short readings for Week 2, for your weekend (or Monday/Tuesday) reading pleasure… The first is the opening gambit of Ute Holl’s Cinema, Trance & Cybernetics, which takes us back to the beginning of cinema and, in particular, the weird and wonderful world…

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Get ready for immersion

HELLO IMMERSION MECHANICS (we’ll work on that) We’re chomping at the bit to take a chunky bite out of immersion, media, film, sound, text, space, and art with you. This is the studio blog, where you’ll find information about readings, Project Briefs (aka assessment tasks), weekly updates, and random tidbits that Darrin and Dan find interesting….

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