The Mechanics of Immersion

a Digital/Media studio @ RMIT University


AHOY immersion folks –

I certainly hope everything is trucking along well with your PBs-4.

As part of the end-o’-semester wrap up, I’ve arranged for The Mechanics of Immersion to have our work screened alongside that of a couple of other studios. This will be a great chance to see our work screened AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE SCREENED — large’n’immersive, that is.

The screening will run from 4:30pm on Thursday 26th October, shortly after the studio presentations in 80.1.2.

It will be great to see you all there, and to see your work. SPEAKING of your work, when you get to that export stage, can you run one extra export as follows, then dump it per these instructions.

Could you export a Matched Sequence EXPORT (Full Quality) of your piece to be screened and deposit it here
or –
on the Media Server > Media Studios > Screening



Dan • October 17, 2017

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