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Update on Project Brief 4

[ Marking Sheet (PDF) ]

By now you should have developed a clear plan for what you will be making for your final project. This should be a single work or series of works that draws on the concepts, theories, models raised in the studio to date; similarly, this work/s should be large enough to develop and complete to a polished standard in the remaining five weeks of the studio. You pitched/presented this last week, and we’ll hold you to these proposals.

If your work is audiovisual, upload this as an MP3/MP4; if not digital, ensure you can somehow record/capture it, and upload photos/video as required.

In addition to the creative/analytic work, each student must upload a 2000-word exegesis that explains how the work you’ve done contributes to the scholarship of immersion. An exegesis is not strictly speaking a reflective statement, but is rather a sustained argument drawing on extra research as well as your experience of completing your project (you can use any remaining blog posts to document progress, thoughts, standard reflective writing).

The exegesis can be a response to the finished work, but we highly recommend you start researching and planning this written work now. Edith Cowan University offers:

As the research develops, the exegesis records, documents and interprets what occurs. In addition, as you explore theories and previous research, these insights inform the research project which feeds back into the creative project.[1]

Your exegesis must be in Word format (doc/docx), 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, with page numbers bottom right; you must also include your name, student number, studio name, course code and name, and a title at the top of the document.

As well as the creative/analytic work and your exegesis, you must post however many blogs are left to make up a minimum of ten (10) for the semester. Try not to leave these until the last minute, but rather use them as a way of thinking through the project or the written work, testing out ideas, sharing work in progress, etc.

Due Date: All materials and written work to be uploaded to your Google submission folder (this will be shared with you soon) by 11:59pm Sunday 22 October (end of Week 13).

[1] Edith Cowan University, “Research Methodologies for the Creative Arts & Humanities: Exegesis,” last modified 18 September 2017,

project brief 4

Dan • September 19, 2017

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