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Week 8 Crits

UPDATE: These crit presentations will now take place on FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER — Dig Media folks head to 94.6.27, Media folk to 94.6.28

Hi ImmersionMechs –

It’s part of studio practice to receive critique and commentary on the work you’ve achieved, and what you’ve gotten out of the experience. To this end, we’re TENTATIVELY scheduling a studio crit session for the Wednesday 3:30-6:30pm session in Week 8. [see above update]

Each student will be asked to present to a panel for up to 4 minutes, addressing the following questions as best they can:

  • What do you understand immersion to be? Where has this understanding come from?
  • Outline the project/s you are working on/developing for Project Brief 4.
  • How does this work relate to some of the ideas of the studio? (this could relate to immersion overall, physiological immersion/responses, relationship between sound and image)

We understand that some of your responses will be speculative, and these presentations are to be very informal in nature — that said, we will keep you to a strict 2 minutes, as there are quite a few to get through, allowing time for the panel to respond. Given the time restriction, it’s highly recommended that you PRACTISE your presentation.

Your blog post for Week 8 should include some kind of reflection on the experience of being critiqued, as well as some notes on what interested you about other peoples’ responses.

A small part of your mark for Project Brief 4 will be assigned to the crit session. We will address any questions you have about this in Week 7.

Enjoy the break!

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Dan • August 28, 2017

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