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Week 6B

Here’s the MARKING SHEET for the Audit, so you know what we’re after.

Today, Darrin & Dan spoke to everyone about their thoughts for Project Brief 4. Dan & Darrin are reluctant to prescribe too much, to allow ambition and ideas to flow freely. The only real prescription is that there should be six weeks’ worth of work, and that this work should be accompanied by writing. This writing can take the form of a series of blog posts (4-5, up to a total 2500 words, not including quotes/references), or a single extended piece of writing (2500 words, give or take 10%, not including quotes/references). No matter which writing format you choose, your response should form an ongoing or summative reflection on how your single/multiple creative works plug into the ideas of immersion we’ve discussed all semester. Your creative works can be audiovisual, projected, installation-based, interactive, digital, analogue, or something else entirely. If you don’t feel uber-creative, chat to us about a different research-based approach.

Whether or not you were in class today, take some time over the break to blog about what you’re keen to explore for PB4. Where some people have indicated they’d like to collaborate (cinematographers for sound and vice versa), be sure to upload a showreel/audioreel/moodboard such that others can jump on board if they wish.

Note that your ideas for PB4 might come out of your formal research and writing for the audit (PB3).

project brief 4

Dan • August 25, 2017

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