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wk 2 readings

Hi Immersers (nope, not there yet; back to the drawing board)

There are two short readings for Week 2, for your weekend (or Monday/Tuesday) reading pleasure…

The first is the opening gambit of Ute Holl’s Cinema, Trance & Cybernetics, which takes us back to the beginning of cinema and, in particular, the weird and wonderful world of experimental cinema, to break down our optical reactions to the illusion of cinematic movement. Speaking of optics, get your eyeballs on the reading HERE.

The second reading is a chunk of Shane Denson’s “Crazy Cameras, Discorrelated Images, and the Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect”, a chapter from the enormous book Post-Cinema: Theorising 21st Century Film. Denson writes very much about contemporary cinema, and how our perceptions have had to change in the age of nonlocal/nonhuman camera perspectives. Get your crazy on HERE.

Note down anything that takes your interest, that irritates you, that confuses you, and particularly anything you don’t understand — these points are where the discussion will come from.

See you Wednesday!

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Dan • July 21, 2017

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