The Mechanics of Immersion

a Digital/Media studio @ RMIT University

Sizzle Reel

This is it, team! A semester’s hard work, condensed into a mere 14 minutes… I am pleased to say that I WILL BE THERE on Halloween to film your organ pieces, so I’m hoping to add them into this edit, to give a true impression of what the studio’s accomplished this semester. A true sendoff is…

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This one’s more immersive…

You feel like you’re there…

Corporate Slave music video

The final version of Snog’s ‘Corporate Slave’ video is up on YouTube (we watched this in class towards the end of semester. Great work Denby & Darrin!

Perception and reality

These things keep popping up! This one from Keith Wilson is a little older, but still picks up on a few things from early in semester… Impressed by the possibility of such errors, many scientists take much of what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell – what philosophers collectively call perceptual experience – to…

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AHOY immersion folks – I certainly hope everything is trucking along well with your PBs-4. As part of the end-o’-semester wrap up, I’ve arranged for The Mechanics of Immersion to have our work screened alongside that of a couple of other studios. This will be a great chance to see our work screened AS IT…

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materialisation, emotion & attention

The final version of Darrin’s video essay from wk3-4, now properly live and complete! materialisation, emotion & attention from Darrin Verhagen on Vimeo.

Hot’n’Tasty Studio Takeaways

As discussed in our final THINKING session on Wednesday, here are our hot’n’tasty studiotakeaways: Subjective variability There is no guarantee that a viewer/listener/audient will be immersed in your project. Rather, we can use and abuse conventional approaches towards an intended emotional response. Try to shotgun it — aim for the widest possible audience proportion. Think about HOW…

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HAIM – Want You Back

I can’t remember precisely in what context this came up in our wrap-up yesterday, but I remember we were talking about PT Anderson, and I thought PT directed this. Turns out it was a chap named Jake Schreier. Regardless, here’s a deconstructed music video.

Nature documentaries + foley

[image source] Part of our studio recap yesterday took a tangent into recording foley for nature documentaries. Here’s the 99% Invisible episode (and accompanying article) that confirmed what I didn’t really want to believe about nature docos and sound design. And here’s another piece Darrin sent through on audio fakery for extreme sports videos. For…

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