A space for new and emerging broadcasters.
Every Monday from 12-1pm on Triple R – 3RRR 102.7fm.

Here’s a little highlights reel from an RWAV show. If you like what you hear, head to ‘3RRR – RWAV SHOWS’, to listen to all of the full shows!


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Meet the faces behind the microphones, guests of the show, and catch-up on all the behind the scenes action of RWAV.


This semester we were taught the production, technical, creative and professional practices it takes to produce a live radio show, thanks to the almighty Bruce Berryman and his super-handy sidekick, Sam Cummins. Oh! And not to forget Triple R – thanks for having us!

RWAV was truly an experience like no other. Having the opportunity to produce content that was broadcasted live-to-air, at a real deal radio station, was an incredible eye-opener into the professional music and media industry. As not only did we interact with Triple R through Bruce and Sam, but also the Breakfast and Talks Producer Elizabeth McCarthy; and all of the amazing Triple R volunteers who dedicate their time contributing to the wonderful works that the station produces.

It’s almost too hard to explain just how valuable this RWAV studio was in our course to becoming professional media makers, movers and shakers. You’ll just have to wait until Semester 1 2018, to experience it all for yourself!

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