Week 10 Update

It’s now week 10 and we are full steam ahead – most of us are either in the process of production or have wrapped, beginning the long and slow process of stitching it all together. After participating in a Premiere workshop last Monday (thanks to Nick) we moved on to music this week. An often-crucial part of the post-production phase, we looked at how music can be used in film to evoke emotion, convey underlying themes or play a part in narrative.

Trainspotting’s use of irony as well as Kim’s own documentary Nerve and how it used music to compliment the film’s tone and mood were among the examples we were shown. We looked at a few websites that we could pull some royalty free music from for our projects – Audio Network is a paid option we could look at, otherwise there are plenty of free alternatives out there such as freesound.org and archive.org.

In order of top left to bottom right: Trainspotting (1996), The Butcher’s Wife (1991), Nerve (2011), Hringvegur (2016).

We’ll continue to experiment and play with music during the editing process over the coming weeks, hopefully learning more along the way. We wrapped our Monday lesson up with a work in progress presentation from Steph, and we won’t be coming in on Friday due to a public holiday. While a quiet week with respect to tutorials, plenty will be going on behind the scenes as things continue to ramp up. We’ll also be booking some editing suites next week to sharpen our editing skills even more!

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