Raath Rebellion

Send a message or die trying.

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Aliens called the Raath have invaded and conquered Earth. In an attempt to live ‘peacefully’, several members of humanity signed a peace treaty between the species, outlining the conditions of surrender – it wasn’t in humanity’s favour. The secrets of the treaty were kept under wraps, however a certain individual learned of the truth regarding human experimentations in exchange for coexistence. The resistance then sparked, an organization dedicated to overthrowing the aliens by revealing the truth to the public in order to start a revolt. You and two friends have been recruited to aid the resistance, but on the day of training and introduction, you are presented with a crisis that may cripple the very foundations of what the resistance has built. Through a series of puzzles you will go through a escape room-esque narrative filled with lore and clues to help you on your objective to save the base from destruction.

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Pocket Museum

History at the touch of your fingertips.


Pocket Museum is a transmedia exploration of Detective John Mitchell Christie’s life through visuals, audio and written components, presented on an app and website. The app is designed to build the relationship between the historical information and the physical locations around the Melbourne CBD. The website expands on the information in the app and additional links to content. The website also has “continue” buttons which link to case files and draw people in further into the story.

John Mitchell Christie was a Police Detective and Customs Detective Inspector, best known for using disguises to catch criminals. Brandishing the sword concealed in his signature cane, he infiltrated Russian spies, solved notorious robberies, thwarted smugglers and counterfeiting rings, raided bootleggers and served as a bodyguard to royalty.

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Project e-Volution

In-site, why fight?


Project e-Volution is a choose-your-own-adventure Powerpoint narrative that introduces the player to an organisation called In-site. In-site are an Internet-based community whose ultimate goal is to “ascend to the virtual realm,” transcending their physical bodies and becoming subsumed by an existence that is entirely digital. It becomes quickly apparent that they are a cult when you are contacted by a group of dissidents called Unknown who ask for your help to take them down, but as the workings of the cult become progressively more disconcerting, Unknown’s motives, too, may not be entirely altruistic…

The experience consists primarily of a fluid, linear narrative in the Powerpoint, where the choices you make ultimately affect your fate. This central platform is complemented by the plethora of documents and notebooks for the player to survey to gain more information and to build an unsettling mood; a deck of tarot cards, the use of which is integrated into the early stages of the Powerpoint; as well as a space in which the play-through takes place with two separate looped video channels and an audio loop, providing a fully immersive experience.

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Will you solve the case?

Classified Teaser Poster

Although seeming as England were platonic to the decision for Scotland to become its own country, the English Monarchy devise a cunning and secret plan to overthrow the election for Scotland to become an independent country. As a result the High Leader of Scotland is killed and a secret detective is on the hunt to find out who and why.

The experience of the story is over a 4 week process. Evidence, articles and hate/anti blog posts are released each week to all intertwine with each other and reveal different aspect of the story. It is up to the consumer living vicariously through the detective character to solve the case. Which will all be revealed at the end of the 4 weeks.

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The Barlow Enquiry

Atticus Barlow discovers that his great grandfather was the victim in a series of murders of which the killer was never discovered. He embarks on an investigation to uncover the secrets of the past.


Players will be able to follow the investigations of Atticus Barlow into the mystery surrounding the serial killer known as “The Right Hand Man” from 1901, while also undertaking investigations of their own. Players will be able to use The Barlow Enquiry Blog and Facebook page to ask Atticus for documents relevant to the case.

The blog is more passive, players who want to follow the story but don’t want to play can find all the current information on it. This also allows player to join the game at all points of the narrative.

Facebook more interactive – players send Atticus a message via The Barlow Enquiry facebook page asking him to send them evidence. Players can sift through this evidence and report their theories and ideas back to Atticus, who thanks them for their work and gives them an update or more evidence if it fits. Players can build teams and work together if they wish.

Once the players have sent their findings back to Atticus he will post them on his blog for everyone to see.

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