The Barlow Enquiry

Atticus Barlow discovers that his great grandfather was the victim in a series of murders of which the killer was never discovered. He embarks on an investigation to uncover the secrets of the past.


Players will be able to follow the investigations of Atticus Barlow into the mystery surrounding the serial killer known as “The Right Hand Man” from 1901, while also undertaking investigations of their own. Players will be able to use The Barlow Enquiry Blog and Facebook page to ask Atticus for documents relevant to the case.

The blog is more passive, players who want to follow the story but don’t want to play can find all the current information on it. This also allows player to join the game at all points of the narrative.

Facebook more interactive – players send Atticus a message via The Barlow Enquiry facebook page asking him to send them evidence. Players can sift through this evidence and report their theories and ideas back to Atticus, who thanks them for their work and gives them an update or more evidence if it fits. Players can build teams and work together if they wish.

Once the players have sent their findings back to Atticus he will post them on his blog for everyone to see.

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