Raath Rebellion

Send a message or die trying.

Poster Resistance_RISE

Aliens called the Raath have invaded and conquered Earth. In an attempt to live ‘peacefully’, several members of humanity signed a peace treaty between the species, outlining the conditions of surrender – it wasn’t in humanity’s favour. The secrets of the treaty were kept under wraps, however a certain individual learned of the truth regarding human experimentations in exchange for coexistence. The resistance then sparked, an organization dedicated to overthrowing the aliens by revealing the truth to the public in order to start a revolt. You and two friends have been recruited to aid the resistance, but on the day of training and introduction, you are presented with a crisis that may cripple the very foundations of what the resistance has built. Through a series of puzzles you will go through a escape room-esque narrative filled with lore and clues to help you on your objective to save the base from destruction.

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