Project e-Volution

In-site, why fight?


Project e-Volution is a choose-your-own-adventure Powerpoint narrative that introduces the player to an organisation called In-site. In-site are an Internet-based community whose ultimate goal is to “ascend to the virtual realm,” transcending their physical bodies and becoming subsumed by an existence that is entirely digital. It becomes quickly apparent that they are a cult when you are contacted by a group of dissidents called Unknown who ask for your help to take them down, but as the workings of the cult become progressively more disconcerting, Unknown’s motives, too, may not be entirely altruistic…

The experience consists primarily of a fluid, linear narrative in the Powerpoint, where the choices you make ultimately affect your fate. This central platform is complemented by the plethora of documents and notebooks for the player to survey to gain more information and to build an unsettling mood; a deck of tarot cards, the use of which is integrated into the early stages of the Powerpoint; as well as a space in which the play-through takes place with two separate looped video channels and an audio loop, providing a fully immersive experience.

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