Final News Is A Joke Update

Week 13 – we are all excited to finally say that we have made it through the semester.

What an experience this studio has been! From beginning to end, we have been faced with both enjoyable moments and also tested in somewhat stressful situations. We have officially wrapped our live shows, and now all that is left for our final assessment is the written component.

For this week’s weekly update, we thought we would go for a fun approach to wrap the semester and put our classmates in the hot seat. With only five seconds to think about their answer, each person interviewed was asked the question – ‘What was your favourite part of the semester?’.

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for following along our journey in ‘The News is a Joke’.

Week 12

Step behind the scenes of our second week of shooting – where we take you through the story of the harassment of the iconic Migaloo – the white humpback whale.

Similar to last week, our studio this week saw students rehearse, prepare and shoot a segment for our comedy news program – complete with a song and dance number that will eventually close the show.

Congratulations to all our writers, creators, producers, cast and crew for another fantastic segment! Just one more to go 🙂

week 11 update

Hello everyone,

This week is the first week that we finally start the real shooting. The topic of this segment is ‘Tampon Tax’.

Before the real and official shooting, we had about two rehearsals to practice and prepare all the stuff and people in order to make the final working smoothly. We had sushi as our dinner, everyone shared and enjoyed that.

Then, until 6:30 in the evening, our audience came in one by one, and everyone hold some tampon that prepared by our marketing team. All the audience were every cooperated, well done, everyone. Moreover, I have to say that the whole process was every great and all the crews had given 100% efforts. Thank you all the crews. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and cooperations, the work finished early than the time we thought.

We can’t wait to do the coming two segment!!

Week 10 Update

This week marked the last week before the live studio audience comes in and we record our segments! After a brief meeting, we got to work. Lighting discussions, costuming runs and last minute script changes were made in order to allow for our delightful hosts, Sammy and Michael, to familiarise themselves with the content they will be presenting you with next week. The rehearsal also allowed for our fabulous Directors to get an idea of shots and cuts that will not only assist the show to stay within the news broadcast parody set-up, but also allow the comedic elements to shine through.

The Marketing Team have been working hard behind the scenes to entice those who love a bit of comedy to come along and be a part of the studio audience! Don’t forget to like the ‘A Current Unfair’ Facebook page!

We can’t wait for you to see the end result of the show! Here is a little video that shows you what we got up to this week at rehearsals!


Week 9 update

After weeks of research, writing and final decisions; pre-production for our comedy news segments, The Current Unfair, is finally underway. We had a huge production meeting and got to hear what our amazing production, marketing and writers teams have been doing during the week. We begin to film our first segment in two weeks. It is incredible the amount of time that has flown and the amount of work that still needs to be done from now to then. But our enthusiasm for our work has not waned, and everyone’s pumped up to see the segments come together and to show our friends and family.

In the studios, we began practicing and getting familiar with our production roles to be ready for rehearsals next week. While the production team had an audition to see who could be our hosts. They definitely tested auditionees on whether they could have a straight face while making whale sounds!  Check out our studio update below to hear how they did!

Week 8 Update

This week we had the pleasure of having Australian comedian, presenter, actor and writer, Shaun Micallef come into our class for a chat and take some of our itching questions about anything, from what his favourite sketch was to his tips on breaking into the media industry. Have a quick look here!