Meet The Management Team

Who are the Management Team?

Dylan Lake
Imraan Shah
Simone Lau

What did your group aim to do during the Digital Director?

Our aim was to facilitate communication between the writing, the social media, and production teams in this campaign in order to ensure smooth workflow. This was achieved by organising general and management meetings, forming a campaign treatment and structure, correlating all tasks in a schedule, and maintaining communication and accessibility to information between each team.

What did your group learn during the Digital Director?

  • Effective communication is vital at all times for an effective workflow in the campaign.
  • Creating a crowdfunding or production campaign is a process which necessitates a greater understanding of what you are producing and who it is you want to reach. Audience engagement and fan building is a fundamental part of this process.
  • Apply audience research to the campaign by marketing to a selected target audience.
    Managing a multimedia campaign.

What was the best thing about the Digital Director?

Digital Directors offered an exciting opportunity to engage with the real world through an interactive campaign. We were able to produce something which had an audience outside of the studio and course environment, and reach them through social media. Although releasing episodes every week was a stressful and intense process, knowing each week we are actually getting responses and views from the real world – albeit mostly friends and family – it was all worth it.

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