Pasaquinis, What’s the Matter with you?


The customer is always right, zero percent of the time.

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During the past 25 years, proprietor, Rick Rogerson, together with his wife Carol, have developed Pasquinis Café and Bakery from a common theme, ‘the customer is never right!’

I, Sarah Petrie-Allbutt, have worked at Pasquinis for 9 years, since I was 13. I am directing and producing, ‘Pasquinis, What’s the Matter with you?’ This film will follow Pasquinis story of how the café has become the successful business it is today, including comical stories involving customers and employees from over the years.

Pasquinis is a Cafe and Bakery located on the main street of Point Lonsdale, a small seaside town. It attracts a variety of customers throughout the year from all walks of life: high court Judges; celebrity chefs; comedians; actors; political figures; journalists; authors; artists; retired folk and young local families. Customers engage in humorous banter with employees, both sides at times expressing brutal honesty. The coffee scene: sipping lattes to the sound of the rolling waves; ships battling through the Rip; seagulls squawking overhead.

The film will explore: the unique nature of this particular business; how Pasquinis has brought a small community together; what it means to the people that live in Point Lonsdale all year round, and to visitors. Employers, employees and regular customers will be interviewed, recalling their ‘Pasquinis experience’.

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Director’s Statement
I envisaged, ‘Pasquinis, What’s the Matter with you?’ as a tribute to the owners of the cafe, Rick and Carol. Initially, my intention was to contrast the chaos and craziness of the café with the fun lively atmosphere. As I jumped into filming, it became more than a glimpse into the absurd characters and madness. Passed the lens I saw stories, emotional connections between the people and the location.

I have worked at Pasquinis for nearly 10 years and have a strong relationship with most customers and employees. It was interesting when I first brought my camera in for filming. Some customers gave me pointers on how to use my camera whilst also quizzing me on my gear. Was I competent enough? I was a bit anxious as no one had seen me for what I am aspiring to be, a director/producer. As my filming became more frequent, my presence as a director/producer was more confident and I noticed a change in peoples’ attitudes towards me. I spent a great deal of time with the customers, observing and actively participating in conversations. They shared stories of Pasquinis and what it means to them. My objectives for the film began to change and develop during the filming process. I was drawn to capture the true essence of the café, the people and what it means to the community. Everything fell naturally into place as the various stories and banter surfaced. I hope that ‘Pasquinis, What’s the Matter with you? Will elicit a range of emotions from audiences and that it will provide them with a brief understanding of this iconic café, relating it to their own personal experiences.

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Sarah Petrie-Allbut – Director
Sarah Petrie-Allbutt is in her final semester of the Bachelor of Communications, (Media). She grew up in a small coastal town, the youngest of six children. A family of creative minds; grandfather, boat builder, founder of Gilcraft boats; brother, industrial designer; Sister, singer and vocal director of musical theatre. Sarah Directed and Produced a short fiction drama piece at the age of 19, which won four awards at the RMIT film awards in 2013. Upon completion of her degree, Focusing on the pathway of Producing, Sarah aims to pursue a successful career in the film industry both in Australia and abroad.