Shower Bus

A typical day in the life of someone usually begins or ends with some variation of ‘I get up and have a shower’. This is not the case for most people who live on the streets.

Lentara have taken on the challenge of solving this problem with a mobile shower bus, to be made available to use for all homeless or poor people. Lentara are looking at partners to help them create, grow and sustain their mobile shower bus.


The final brief brought us to the following goals:

Grow and develop the ‘Lenny and Tara’ branding
Think about sellable products and marketing concepts
Further Develop the water droplet logos
For use as advertising, branding and sponsorship purposes
Use the above tools to map out a Crowdfunding strategy for the Shower Bus


The main aspect of our brief was to develop an identity, a branding scheme, and a video to promote and further the progress of the Shower Bus project in its developmental phases. Our intention for the project was to create a basis on which a community to grow, and the idea of sellable travel kits could be a source of income to start the Shower Bus project, and also as a way to generate awareness amongst the community, by selling the branded kits in supermarkets and airports. Additionally, the kits would be given to users of the bus living on the streets, so they would always have the essentials to have a proper shower.

As the main component of our last assessment, we made a video to present our final prototype – being the branding and product designs – for potential use or as a concept. We decided to try and pitch the idea of ‘Lenny & Tara’ as a brand that could be mutually beneficial if it were to obtain corporate support. The video was intended to be upbeat, informational, and concise to facilitate conversation with potential partners and send the basic message.


We worked towards a common goal with the Lentara board we met with for each assignment, and with the progress we made in our assessment, the feedback we received, and the potential for the project to grow into something real, the Shower Bus project may be able to give everyone the fresh start they deserve.

Anita Ganju, Katie Lio, and Shannon Griffiths





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