Week#12 Course Wrap and Media Studios (Sem 2)

Brian’s wrap on Media 1 this semester – Wk 12 Wrap.

Rachel on the media studios for semester two (your Media 2 course).

In this session students started work on their learning graphs that need to be submitted as part of their Week 13.2 Final [Course] Reflection (20%). Details of that assessment are available here in the final page of the Reflective Portfolio Brief. The requirements of the learning graph are detailed in the Wk 12 Wrap presentation notes (above).

Here is an admittedly rough fictional sample of the Learning Graph to show you the sort of thing we are looking for. It isn’t being graded – it is more a tool to help you remember and reflect on your experience of the course. So (for a start) think of topics, exercises, discussions and assessment points and when they fell as you fill it in. You can download some blank Graph paper here or go DIY.


Rachel gave an overview of the Media studios in the second part of the sesion. Every student in Media 2 next semester will be allocated a studio (the studio is your Media 2 course). Allocation in to one of the 8 or so studios is based on your participation in an online ballot which takes place from Thursday 9 June. Keep in the loop about the ballot and access it at the MEDIA STUDIOS website. There will also an extensive FAQs doc there.

On Thursday 9th JUNE there will be presentations where current students outline what they have discovered within that semester’s studios (Media 3 + Media 5 in semester 1, 2016) AND a pitch session for the studios on offer in semester two (each studio leader talking for 5 minutes about their studio). You are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions. The online ballot for semester two studios will open immediately after the pitch presentation. (The Sem 2 Studio Pitch Booklet with one page descriptions of the studios will be available for download from the Media Studios website on that same day).

DATE Thursday 9th JUNE  :: TIMES 1.30-3.20pm (ish) – Semester 1 STUDIO PRESENTATIONS :: 3.35-4.30pm – Semester 2 studio PITCH SESSION :: LOCATION 80.2.07 :: The 2016 studio coordinator is Rachel Wilson.


Things being discussed in the lectorial over the next few weeks that you don’t want to miss …

Just wanted to fill you in about the lectorials over the final three weeks (how did that happen?). Besides our remaining media discipline  topics we’ve got some important assessment and degree business being addressed.

Week 10
-What is this audio/video essay thing we want for PB4? (Nick Moore and Brian)
Week 11
-Mediums and Media Technologies
-Work Attachments (Paul Ritchard)
Week 12
-Course wrap
-How the semester two studios (which is your Media 2 course) work (Rachel – Studio Coordinator and Brian)

Week#8 Workshop

This week we will be:

  1. Checking Collaborative Contracts
  2. Discussing audio essay techniques through an example from Radiolab
  3. Using RMIT Library resources to do academic research – here is an overview of some starting points.
  4. Working on Annotated Bibliographies

Don’t forget class time is the best time to have group discussions to help move projects forward.

MINA call for films

Here is a call out you might want to think about in terms of your self-portrait (if filmed on a mobile). Or make something completely new and enter. It is never to early to submit your work for consideration in screenings and events like this. This is a great event that was recently hosted at RMIT and members of staff and students have been involved and had their work screened over the past few years.

#MINA2016: Call for Films and Papers:

#MINA2016: The 6th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium & Screening @ Swinburne University – Melbourne, Australia, 30 November – 1 December 2016.

This year MINA is pleased to announce that Swinburne University (AUS) will host #mina2016 – International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium & Screening in Melbourne – Australia, in collaboration with Te Rewa O Puanga – School of Music and Creative Media Production and Toi Rauwharangi, the College of Creative Arts (Massey University, NZ), Colab (Auckland University of Technology, NZ), and in association with RMIT University (AUS).


The #MINA2016 International Mobile Innovation Screening will showcase short films (7 min maximum duration) produced on and with smartphones, mobile and pocket cameras. In addition this year will introduce Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Drone, Social Media and New Media productions as part of the screening program.

Selected works from the #MINA2016 International Mobile Innovation Screening will be featured in the MINA DVD, eBook and MINA’s international partner festivals.

Please note: Deadline for film submission: 1 June 2016

For more details see: http://mina.pro/cff2016/





The 6th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium @ Swinburne University – Melbourne, will specifically focus on the following themes:


Mobile & Making: Film, Documentary, Photography, Sound and Performance.

Mobile & Storytelling: Writing, Poetry, Mobile Journalism (MoJo) and Screenwriting.

Mobile & Identities: Intimacy, Self and Otherness, Mobile Social Media and Ethics.

Mobile & Politics: Activism, Disruption, Hacking, Media Ecology and Big Data.

Mobile & Location: Place, Space, Geo-location based, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

Mobile & Play: Games, Interactivity, Ludification, User Experience and Participation.

Mobile & Education: Community of practice, Digital Classrooms, M-Learning and Pedagogy.

Mobile & Health: Public Health, Social innovation, Youth Development, Social Inequalities, Environment, Sports, Medicine and Wellbeing.


Please note: DEADLINE for paper abstracts and presentation/panel
proposals: – Friday 24 June 2016, 5pm (NZ time)

For more details see http://mina.pro/cfp2016/


Week#8 Reading

There is no set ‘topic’ reading for Week 8 due to the public holiday on the Monday. Instead, for this week and your blogging requirements, write a post on one of the readings you have researched and found yourself for the Annotated Bibliography for Project Brief 4.