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Assessment Reminders for Creative Writers

Assessment Task 2 (mini-bible) is due this Friday 5 August.  This is to be uploaded as a blog post named: ‘Assessment Task 2’.  In line with Blackboard submissions, 11.59pm will be the final cut-off before receiving late penalties.

Assessment Task 1.1 (individual oral presentations) will take place during next Wednesday’s (10 August) workshop.

The latest version of our studio-specific assessments (small details amended – including instructions on what to name posts for assessment) can be found here.

COMM2650 Updated Weekly Schedule

Hi everyone,

This is what the rest of the studio looks like so far:

Week 3

Monday: Robyn Winslow Masterclass in 13.3.9

Wednesday: Final concepts and groups decided.  Work up group pitch and then deliver to Media studio.  The process for how the groups will combine is outlined by Jeremy here: Media Students’ Voting Process

Friday: Deadline assessment Task 2 

Week 4

Monday: Combined CW/Media session in new working groups

Wednesday: Assessment Task 1.1: Individual oral presentations

Week 5

Monday: Guest Lecture – Evan Munro-Smith (Stupid Old Studios)

Wednesday: Script development & test scenes with Media studio

Week 6

Monday: Group table reads

Wednesday: Guest Lecture – Steinar Ellingsen (Melbourne Web-fest)

Mid Semester Break

Week 7

Monday: Pitch preparation

Wednesday: Assessment Task 1.2 – Group oral presentations (pitches)

Weeks 8-12

Monday: Group work

Wednesday: Group work

Friday Week 12: Deadline Tasks 1.3 & 3

Creative Writers’ pitching session on Wednesday 27 July

Looking forward to himagesearing everyone’s pitch for the five web series we’ll develop and make over the course of the studio.  Afterwards you will all nominate your three favourites; the pool from which five ideas will be selected.  You will then join one of five teams as we develop these concepts to script and then screen.

A reminder these first pitches are not assessed, but they do form the basis of the mini-bible due end Week 3 (regardless of whether yours is one of the five chosen for development).

See you Wednesday, 1030, 9.3.11!

Sponsorship opportunity

Here’s a nice little opportunity passed on by Brian Morris from Media.  The Macedon Ranges Film Society is offering sponsorship for local filmmakers, or films that use the Macedon Ranges as a location within their work.  Check out the SPONSORSHIP DETAILS Doc below for more details.

But!  Please don’t let this dictate your idea.  If you have a great concept that requires a specific setting, then don’t change it to suit this opportunity.  It’s possible that it will be a very competitive application process, and could also be a long time before the funds are released, so you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into this basket.

I’ll leave the rest to you!


Blogging 1.01

Thanks to the CWs who joined in the intro to blogging session, which I hope was helpful.

Just a reminder, to get to the dashboard that I was showing you (grey navigation menu down the left hand side) type in your blog URL, then add ‘wp-admin’ to the end.  You will need to login to your wordpress account before you can access this.

One important thing I need to mention: When you are submitting a blog post for assessment tasks (or anything else), make sure you get the ‘live’ URL, not the ‘edit’ URL.  This is why it’s good to have 2 tabs open: your edit window (dashboard, backend) in one, and the live blog in the other.  So the ‘live’ URL for the example post I made today is:

https://tryingtohelpblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/demo-post/ (this is good, public, anyone can see)

The ‘edit’ URL looks like this:

https://wordpress.com/post/tryingtohelpblog.wordpress.com/192 (this is baaaaad, no one but you will be able to see this)

To get the ‘live’ URL, click on post heading on your live blog.  So for the post I made today, I get to the live URL by clicking on ‘Demo post’ on the live blog.

I just wanted to mention that, as it’s often a confusing point for new bloggers.  I’m happy to clarify further if you need.

Follow the link to see some more troubleshooting on logging in:

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The writer’s brief

Link to the writer’s brief available HERE

Thank you to the CW crew for your feedback on the brief – some very useful points were raised about the role of writers, how the writer/director relationship will works, logistical concerns such as minimising multiple locations, creative concerns about limiting the amount of characters in each episode, and episode durations.  It was great to hear that the CWs understand these challenges, and were very receptive to our suggestions.

We concluded that most of these concerns can be addressed through development, but it’s great to be thinking about them from the start.  Some CWs also expressed an interest in acting in their own series’ as well, which the Ms were very receptive to.