Week 5 Workshop

Script development today.  First we’ll have a quick catch up, then the Writers will join us to get underway.

Some quick points to chat about:

  • Quick follow-up chat about Evan
  • Blog post for casting
  • Catch up on Production schedule:
    • Group meetings (outside of class)
    • Gear & on-set practice
    • Locations confirmed
    • Casting call
  • Next week we’ll look more at the Pitch & Proposal for week 7, and allocate WIP times wk 9-12, so have a think about what week you’d like you group to present
  • Script development; what do we think it means?

Bloor: ‘Be consistent, questioning, positive, concise, coherent, use the first person, encourage risk taking, don’t expect instant solutions, and keep up the momentum.’ (178)

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