A short documentary profiling Briana Davis, a Melbourne photographer, as she explores the industrial areas of the the western suburbs. She discusses h...

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Bleak – Jac Meddings

Sue May Chin ( s3592588 ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_u_vXi3r_jYcTItcHhFT1NMYzg   Fangirls from different genre are all over the world. A...

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https://vimeo.com/188582208 Password: leigh Fabiana Weiner | s3550495  Jenny Weight, in her paper ‘At the edge of documentary: participatory online...

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‘Leigh’ By Fabiana Weiner

I’m making a documentary about Jack, who is very interesting (if I don’t say so myself). However it quickly turns into a documentary about...

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A Documentary : Alex AW

A Prickly Affair – Documentary film By Michael Firus Unassumingly at the corner of Swanston and Collins St., a  small kiosk offering a variety ...

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A Prickly Affair

Bound & Unbound from Jason Hendriks on Vimeo. This documentary tells the story of 2 prominent Indonesian community and how they find members with ...

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Bound & Unbound

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