This week in class we discussed where everyone was at with their projects, how they were feeling and what ‘documentary as an open space’ meant for them (for those who have started to grasp an understanding of it). We watched Agnes Gleaner’s video on food wastage and a couple of others before doing a breakdown of the key components of an essay film. Kim also showed us a video of Elements of the Essay Film, where the video also showed us what constitutes an essay film. Some of these elements were:

  • Text element
  • Hear a single voice in the film
  • Speaker’s attempt to resolve a problem on this issue
  • Personal Element
  • Language conventions

Since Kim is going away for two weeks, she had prepared us with the readings that might help us better with the project brief such as Adorno’s “The Essay as a Form” and Laura Rascaroli Essay Film: Problems, Definition, Textual Commitments, where she talks about the labels and characteristics of an Essay Film.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Jason & Nicole 🙂




media week 3 insight from Jason Hendriks on Vimeo.

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