Philippa Fraser – Exploding Genre Final Reflection

It’s crazy to this that this year has come to an end already. In the 12 short weeks of the Exploding Genre media studio I can honestly say that I have learnt so much about genre theory and have greatly improved my practical camera work. On top of this, I have had the opportunity to learn how to edit using Premiere Pro, a tool that I think will help me greatly with future projects.

As mentioned previously in my audio blog posts uploaded to my google drive folder, I came into this class not really knowing what we were going to be learning about, asides from genre, of course. With such an ambiguous title like ‘Exploding Genre’ I don’t think I entirely knew what was expected from the class. I now understand it (and it is of course open to interpretation) as the figurative exploding or collapsing of the walls boxing in specific genres. As talked about in my final exegesis, it has really hit home how hard genre is to define and how a film does not specifically fit into just one category. There may be prominent ones, but these are threaded and held up throughout by accompanying genres and the conventions that come with these.

Through watching films classified as different genres every week I have also become more aware of how many great cinematic offerings are out there and I am now more open to giving genre-specific films a chance – ones that I would have overlooked before. I have to say of all the thematic weeks, I enjoyed the Film Noir week the best when we watched classic film-noir The Killers. Other weeks that I was surprised to enjoy were the Western week when we screened Sukiyaki Western Django and also the last week where Cabin in the Woods was screened. This last movie really encapsulated the themes I was trying to cover for my final assignment, again going back to genre hybridity and fluidity, and questioning the existence of genre purity.

I thought that the assignments given in this class were really great as they creatively challenged us to think outside the box and to make our projects over a range of media. I chose to record audio-only for the first graded assessment and while I think it was useful for developing my scriptwriting I knew that for the other two assignments I would shoot on video, as this has always been the area I am least comfortable with. My second graded assessment (PB3) I chose to do on the classic film-noir genre, and I was proud of the results of this. It is the sketch I have included below as I love how it is black and white and it portrays genre exactly how I wanted it to.

For our big final assessment I chose to look at the hybridity and fluidity of genre, as mentioned previously. To portray this on camera I chose 3 genres and tried to link them together in a way that proved a film could have multiple genres. For my exegesis I really wanted to highlight everything I have learned as looking back to the beginning I feel like I have a completely different view on genre.

Overall, I am extremely happy I took this module as not only have I gained a better understanding of genre, I have had fun along the way.

Below is my audio-blog from Week 12 and below that is the sketch I think I like the most, called Mistaken Identity, shot in the style of the classic Film Noir genre but with a gender flip and a modern twist. Thanks everyone for a great semester!



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