Exploding genre review – tristan s.q. 3436746

It is the last week of class for this semester, and we are all deep in the production process for our final projects. I am currently scheduling for an upcoming shoot, and making sure equipment is booked and that I am fully prepared. Throughout the past 12 I have learnt a great deal not just about individual genres and their characteristics, but the study of genre theory, and the way genres have formed and evolved.

In my statement of intent, I wrote that I’d really like to get hands on and create media artefacts that play with the conventions of differing genres. I wanted to develop my theoretical understanding about different approaches to genre, as well as improve my technical capabilities in filmmaking. The practical side of the course allowed me to experiment with audiovisual forms, and this I greatly appreciated.  

The theoretical component of the class opened my mind to genres I would have otherwise dismissed. For project brief 3, I gained a new perspective on the romantic comedy, discovering the genre’s ability to express compelling insights into the human experience in a frivolous and lighthearted way. In the final project, which is in production, I have been able to intersect the things I’ve learnt about film noir with my own approach developing to filmmaking, something that has been very enjoyable.

I’ve attached my project task 3, in which I experimented with the conventions of the romantic comedy. Watch it here.

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