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This is an archived blog. The Story Lab was an undergraduate course that ran at RMIT University in Semester 1, 2015, and will return in 2016.

Shiny happy people

Synergising all the paradigms.

Synergising all the paradigms.

Well done to Ryan for smashing it today!

Posted by The Foil People – telesales team on Friday, May 8, 2015

On the campaign trail


One of these posters is not like the others.

One of these posters is not like the others.


When you park your bike, Jeff is watching.

When you park your bike, Jeff is watching.


Have a coffee, take a vote.

Have a coffee, take a vote.

The investigation is underway

A water-logged phone discovered in a park.

A water-logged phone discovered in the park.


Blood on the leaves nearby.

Blood on the leaves nearby.


Williamsville Police are continuing their enquiries.

Williamsville Police are continuing their enquiries.

Hulk smash storytelling


Stories are an affirmation of our human value; they teach us what life means, make and keep us human. Marvel, by removing the human from its storytelling, may be bringing about the end of story altogether.

Astonishing piece of writing, whether you agree or no.

Troy Innocent exhibition

Screenshot 2015-05-12 22.40.06

Troy Innocent, and colleague Michaela Gleave, are opening their new exhibitions at the Anna Pappas Gallery in Prahran on Friday night. I’m totally bummed I can’t go to the opening night, but am hoping that a few of you might be able to tag along on behalf of the Story Lab! I’ll be heading to the exhibition once I’m back from interstate, for sure.

Full details here.

‘The Boat’

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.45.52 am

Online interactive graphic novels – Storybook 2.0? Check out this amazing piece of art here.

Boring bits from today’s workshop

 Today’s Class Tasks

  • Blog post audit – how many done? Start catching up if necessary.
  • If up to date, make your way through the Gambarato reading. Make notes, discuss, blog your understanding of what Gambarato’s point is, what his understanding of transmedia storytelling is. How does this relate to what we’ve discussed thus far? Can you think of some ways in which your own projects might work within Gambarato’s understanding of TM storytelling? (1 hour, then discussion in final 30 mins of class)
  • Are any projects releasing stuff yet? Is there anything anyone would like to show? (if this is you, send links to Dan!)
  • Continue project work, only if all done, and up to date.


11 June, 10am-5pm

Once again, this is a compulsory day. If you cannot make it for any reason you must let me know in writing immediately. Note that even such notice will be a ‘request’, like a leave request at work, and may be denied, as I’ll have to discuss this with the Program Manager. Supporting documentation will help. We’ll then need to discuss your contributions outside the day itself.

Couple of things to think about:

  • Each studio is given 20 minutes to present to the full Media cohort: What this presentation entails is entirely up to you guys, but it should give some sense of your journey through the Story Lab, what was covered, what was learned, what kind of projects you’re doing, and so on
  • Further, each studio will be given half a cross-discipline room to exhibit their projects. Again, how this is done is largely up to you, but I’ll be slightly more involved with this, in terms of technical stuff and layout… the plan at this stage is to bump in Weds afternoon 10/6, and bump out after the exhibition day concludes 11/6
  • Studio leaders will be pitching their studios for Semester 2 — the ballot will also be open for 4-5 days from 11-15 June, where Media 3 folks can select your three preferences for Media 4

This is all just a heads-up, keep working on projects for now, but I’ve set aside Week 11 for a big chat about all this, to get all the planning out of the road, so you guys can focus on your projects as much as possible outside of class.

Project Updates

In Week 11, I’d like to hear from each group on progress since the pitch. Have a chat within your groups about getting something together to show the class, take down some notes on what’s been achieved, what has yet to be done, what directions the project has taken, etc etc

Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs

This might be of interest to those of you keen to discover more about the history of transmedia storytelling. Interesting that two of the three Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs predated Murray’s work on Agency!

In the 1990s, Theresa Duncan and collaborators made three videogames that exemplified interactive storytelling at its very best.

Two decades later, the works (like most CD-ROMs) have fallen into obscurity, but they remain as luminous and compelling as ever. This online exhibition—copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum as part of First Look: New Art Online—brings them back, making them playable online.

Read the rest of the article (and play the games!) here.

Week 9 Reading

The Gambarato reading for Week 9 is now available via Blackboard, as listed on the Readings & Resources page – get on it!

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