Robbie Rowlands


Specific to Site

Nicolette Nikoloudis


PAINT// Places an emphasis on the emotions and ideas that are brought about with exposure. This piece tackle concepts such as vulnerability, intimacy, voyeurism as well as challenging the ongoing topic of place (the public and the private) using the interaction with paint as its outlet.

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Dusty Johnston


TEXTURE//An experimental piece which puts a range of textures into situations they aren’t typically intended for. The works result in a mildly comical and uncomfortable feel. However, each sequence remains aesthetically cohesive through colour schemes.
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Rob Corica


INTIMACY // Intimacy knows neither sex, nor gender; it is interwoven throughout our lives, showing itself in times of company and times of solitude. Intimate moments are private and personal – I aim to contrast the most private experiences of our lives against a public space, granting the audience insight into a forbidden place.

Jordan Williams


WINDOWS // “I wanted to explore the idea of the window and how it can act like a portal into people’s lives. Often what happens in our personal environments stays between us and those close to us, Windows wishes to explore this idea. During the piece every blind is closed until only two remain open, leaving the viewer with one little portal into somebody else’s life, reminding us that we don’t need to live in isolation.
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Elle Tayla

SMEAR // uses the mediums of egg and avocado, both prominent products in Melbourne’s cafe culture, in a new, satisfyingly visual capacity. It seeks to alert the senses and reimagine these ordinary daily foods that we often take for granted.
3 11.26.36 pm

Siobhan Bird


THE JOURNEY //  is a piece that focuses on transportation, in particular trains. It is a multidimensional piece containing different size trains, running in different directions. I wanted to focus on the different layers within transport systems visually as well as literally. There are different carriages transporting masses of people to different locations.

Rose Ng


CONCEALER // Female realities: beauty has been concealed. We all have similar body features, but why are we more intolerant of a female being topless in public space. Concealed is way to express and celebrate the freedom of a female. It is a way to challenge our social norms and break through the public barrier. 

Jacqui Haynes


SOCHA // ‘Socha’ definition: the hidden vulnerability of others The relationship that exists between oneself and one’s own body is intimately complex. We constantly remain aware of the folds, marks and scars that feed our insecurities about ourselves, and try to conceal them as such. In collecting these portraits that expose and explore the aesthetic realities of the human body, collective beauty can be found. In conducting this exploration of self and each other, the energy harnessed within our individual insecurities can shift to a more collective, constructive path of acceptance.


Jac Meddings


FLUID // Visualises obsession with moving colour.In combining the mediums of milk and food dye, I aim to recreate a sense of motion and blending waves of colour that is also reminiscent of the textures and substances experienced during early childhood.

Claudia Nankervis


SQUASH // I wanted to capture the details of the human face. From the firm tones of youth to the softness of age and experience. Eyes are the “window to the soul” and are seen as object of beauty, but I wanted to break them down and examine the closely and independent of each other which creates a strange and unusual effect which interests me. 

Elaine Leong


EVEN // Attempts to unravel and reconstitute the meanings we attach to the pre-established visual paradigms through which we view and visually depict apples through a deliberate destruction and rebirth of structure.
MANTRA // Lacking any inherent meaning or pragmatic properties, by default of its repetition and resulting auditory structure, MANTRA draws attention to the deliberate construction of meaning through nonsense sound, thereby deracinating and broadening the process recognised as language from an ontological understanding to an often explored, though rarely chartered soundscape of ‘um’.   

7 11.30.06 pm

Amalina Youssoff


BURST // What’s inside of us is often kept by a layer that could easily break apart if we do it right. Using balloons and other elements BURST represents what we’ve always kept inside of us. We wouldn’t know what we have in us until the time comes for us to burst it all out.
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Marissa Voo


LINES AND LINES // Where do we see ourselves as part of the environment we live in? What sort of relationships do we have with one another? This four-part series will allow you to think about the world in which you reside, challenging and granting new perspectives. 

Dea Istiqhfarina Miranti


MAGNIFICENT (WATER) POLLUTION// I want to persuade people to define “pollution” in a more beautiful way. Pollution consists of millions of color, type and even story from various places that might be interesting to be observed.
8 11.30.06 pm

Matilda Mclellan

LIQUID LUST// Ever since I can remember I have been infatuated and mesmerized by water. I fell in love with the way it sounds, tastes, looks and feels. Obsession would be a pretty accurate description of how i have always felt towards this special element. My project piece is centered around the different aspects and experiences that water brings. Whether it be from the ocean, rivers, pools, or simply straight from the tap. The Signal centre itself is surrounded by a huge body of water. I was inspired by this setting and naturally made a connection between Signal and all of the various bodies and forms of water that exist within our city and our world.


Linda Shi

CONFINED // kənˈfʌɪnd/ adjective (of a space) restricted in area or volume; cramped.Footage of humans distanced by a sheet of glass from the outside world. Similar to a one-way mirror, they attempt to reach out from the box and into the real world without success. Derived from the idea of compression and world within a world, Confined attempts to capture the melancholy atmosphere cultivated due to isolation from both reality and other human beings.

Sarah Brooke


Gianna Blundo


GRAVITY // Personally, there is no greater sense of tranquility than being at the peak of a jump on a trampoline. Gravity is there to hold everything down, and to maintain structure and balance on Earth. However, my project aims to challenge the purpose of gravity, and to create a sense of freedom as my subject twists, and rotates through different measures of time and angles unavailable to real life.

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